1.  How do I obtain backstage passes for a Kenny Rogers show?

While Kenny would love to meet each and every one of his fans, he is unable to accommodate each guest.  Therefore, by becoming an All Access Fan Club Member, you may enter in the monthly fan club drawings for an opportunity to possibly meet Kenny at an upcoming show near you.

2.  How can I see Kenny live in concert?

Kenny's tour schedule on this website is updated constantly.  Check periodically for new dates and changes made to his schedule.  To purchase tickets to a show near you, contact the local venue where Kenny will be playing.

3.  How can I get Kenny's autograph?

Because there are so many requests for Kenny's autograph.  Unfortunately, we are not able to honor requests for materials submitted to be autographed.

4.  How can I get Kenny to record my song?

Kenny Rogers does not accept unsolicited material.  You may be able to contact a music publisher and go through all the steps required to submit your original songs.

5.  When is Kenny's birthday?

Kenny Rogers was born on August 21, 1938 in Houston, TX.  His wife Wanda and their twin boys Justin and Jordan live in Georgia.

6.  How can I obtain old Kenny Rogers movies or albums?

Many of Kenny's works are out of print, however, there are some ways you may be able to obtain them.  A major bookstore may be able to order old movies or photography books related to Kenny.  There is also a box set of popular CD's, Kenny Rogers:  A Retrospective, that contains many of Kenny's greatest hits.  There are several popular Internet sites that sell entertainment products that usually carry older material.

7.  Can I send in something for Kenny to autograph?

Unfortunately at this time, we are not accepting material(s) through the mail for autograph purposes. The reason for this is we have had "one of a kind collectible" items disappear. We realize that these items are precious to the owner and most can not be replaced. We do not want to be held responsible for items being lost. Our office is in Tennessee and Kenny lives in Georgia. These items have to be sent out on the bus, to the tour manager, etc. and sometimes we do not get them back. This is why we try to adhere to this rule.

8.  Will Kenny dedicate a song at a concert?

We receive so many requests for each show from wishing someone Happy Birthday to Happy Anniversaries,etc. All requests are special to each individual and we truly understand. As much as Kenny would like to honor these requests, he chooses not to. Kenny feels it is unfair to recognize only one or two requests when he is unable recognize all of them. Please understand that if Kenny granted one request, the others that requested would feel hurt or left out that is why we choose to decline this type of request during Kenny's time on stage. Thanks for understanding our position.

10. Does Kenny have a Fan Club Meet & Greet at his concerts?

Kenny doesn't have a standard fan club meet & greet at his shows. However, if you are a All Access Fan Club Member, you may enter in the monthly fan club drawings for an opportunity to possibly meet Kenny at an upcoming show near you.

11.  Where Can I find Kenny's Movies?

Most of Kenny's movies are no longer being distributed. Some of the Gambler Movies can be found through Amazon.com. Others can be found by going on Ebay. Please know that most are not currently on DVD but VHS. It is up to the movie companies to distribute and put on DVD, not us.

12.  What bands has Kenny has sang and played in?

1956 - The Rockabilly Scholars; 1959 - Bobby Doyle Trio, Kirby Stone Four; 1966 - Christy Minstrels and
1967 - The First Edition

13.  What are the names of Kenny's Photography Books?

Kenny's first photography book is "Kenny Rogers America". It was published by Little, Brown and Company in October 1986

Kenny's second photography book is titled "Your Friends and Mine".

Kenny's newest photography book is now available through the store website at www.kennyrogers.com

14.  How can I obtain an item for an auction or fundraiser?

We receive so many requests for Auctions & Fundraisers via email that we must request a letter on your Company's letterhead, regarding event information to be sent to: Kenny Rogers Fan Club 2910 Poston Ave.
Nashville, TN 37203. Once received, your request will be considered.

15.  I'm looking for the song WE'VE GOT IT ALL, where can I find this CD?

Actually, this isn't a complete song but just a verse and chorus written for the TV show GROWING PAINS. It is owned by The Disney Company so, it is not on any of Kenny's albums. I've been told you can sometimes find it on Ebay.

16.  Where can I find sheet music to Kenny's songs?

I would try doing a search online first or calling your local music store.
Unless the song was a very popular song, they may not have printed sheet music for the song you are looking for. A music store will be able to tell you if what you are looking for is even in print.

17.  What's the best way to find some of Kenny's older song material?

We have some of Kenny's older material available in the website store.
You can also call the Ernest Tubb Record Shop here in Nashville at
615-255-7503 or Lawrence Records at 615-256-9240 they carry a lot of older song and or movie material of Kenny's.


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